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Fall SculpSure Special Offer!


Take advantage of this special offer from now through October 2016! Your choice of FREE Laser Hair Removal *small area OR Smart Facial with every SculpSure Treatment purchased.

*Small area: Underarms or lip and chin or for men neck area

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Laser Hair Removal

laser hair removalLaser Hair Removal

Real Self, which is a health guide review website, says that over 90% of the people who undergo laser hair removal procedures are satisfied with the results. The improvement in the technology and accuracy of laser hair removal equipment, achieved over the past decades, has been outstanding.

For those living in Conroe, TX and the surrounding areas, laser hair removal is a practiced skill of Dr. Trang Nguyen of Conroe Family Doctor. Dr. Nguyen is a well-liked Conroe family physician in the community. Dr. Nguyen has a nice talent for laser hair removal procedures. To do the procedures well is a skill that involves a bit of artistry combined with science.

Laser hair removal is suitable for both females and males. With laser hair removal, it is possible to achieve a smooth hairless skin and/or have beautifully trimmed areas with perfect lines, such as eyebrows, mustaches, sideburns, or beards.

With some patients, the hair removal process is permanent or semi-permanent. For others, if the hair comes back it does not grow back for a very long time (several months up to a year) and when it comes back it is thinner and a lighter color. Laser hair removal is preferable to tweezing, shaving, and waxing. There is no mess and much less pain associated with the laser procedure.

Although, maintenance treatments may be necessary to remove any hair that grows backing the future, on the plus side, the more laser hair removal treatments there are, the less likely it is for any hair to return.

How does laser hair removal work?

The laser is an intense light, which accurately focuses on a specific spot about the size of a quarter. The laser light goes through the upper layers of the skin to create heat at the focal point of the light, which is the base of the hair, called the “follicle.”

The laser heat destroys the follicles. A hair is similar to a plant or tree. Without the follicle roots, the hair cannot grow. The doctor performing the laser hair removal procedure moves the focal point of the laser carefully and meticulously to destroy the hair follicles in one small area at a time.

It is detailed work to remove the hair from an area, which takes some dedicated care. The American Academy of Dermatology notes that patients should expect 10% to 25% of the hair removed on the first treatment. To complete the process, depending on the size of the area for hair removal, usually takes two to six visits. This requires a bit of patience; however, the rewards of the procedure are spectacular.

Laser Hair Removal Benefits

The laser hair removal procedure is fast, pain-free, accurate, and the results are predictable. Because of this, it is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in America.

Before and After Treatment

To prepare for laser hair removal requires a period of six weeks with limited use of other hair removal techniques during that period, such as waxing, plucking, or electrolysis.

Potential Side Effects

Side effects are usually not a problem. If they do occur, they are very mild. There may be a slight redness to the skin or a simple rash that develops after the procedure. This goes away in a short time. To reduce the chance of any potential adverse side effects, the recommendation is to avoid sun exposure for the six weeks before the procedure and six weeks after the procedure. This is why it is popular to have the procedure done during fall or winter.

If you are considering laser hair removal, make an appointment with Dr. Trang Nguyen of Conroe Family Doctor to discuss the procedure. You will be very happy with your new hairless look.

Medical Weight Loss

Many North Americans struggle with weight loss, whether the scale just won’t budge or fluctuates up and down like a yo-yo. Diet and exercise are an excellent start to a healthy weight, but sometimes stubborn pounds need an extra boost to keep them from hanging on. Our office offers medically supervised weight loss in that helps our patients achieve healthy weight goals using advanced methods that have been proven to work time and time again.

Did you know…

that more than 35 percent of American adults are overweight? According to an estimate from the Centers for Disease Control, obesity is directly responsible for more than $140 billion in medical costs each year – primarily for the treatment of weight-related diseases like heart disease, type-2 diabetes, and stroke. Losing just 10 to 20 pounds can lower blood pressure and cholesterol, alleviate chronic pain, and reduce cancer risk – not to mention improve the quality of life…

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I a candidate for medical weight loss?

You may be a candidate for medical weight loss if your previous attempts to lose weight have been unsuccessful. Contact our office to schedule a consultation and find out more about our treatment options for overweight and obese patients.

What should I expect during a medical weight loss program?

We take a multifaceted approach to helping our patients lose weight. We always begin with nutritional counseling and lifestyle modifications that help increase cardiovascular output, lower stress, and improve sleep – all factors that can aid in healthy weight loss. Additional interventions are necessary on a case-by-case basis. For example, some patients are struggling with weight loss due to nutritional imbalances or skipped meals. Others may be facing hormonal imbalances that pack on the pounds. Our treatment options help break through weight loss barriers and turn the body into a fat-burning machine.

What types of results can I expect after completing a medical weight loss program?

Weight loss outcomes vary from patient to patient and treatment carries no guarantee of results. However, patients who are a part of a medically-personalized weight loss program are more likely to obtain significant long-term results than those who attempt to lose weight using diet or exercise alone.


SculpSure is the latest successful innovative approach to fat removal. Approved by the FDA, this non-surgical method of removing fat can be performed in less than 30 minutes. Unlike liposuction, there is absolutely no recovery or downtime when using the SculpSure fat loss laser system. The treatment now allows patients to immediately return to their daily routine, no painful hospital recovery required.

With SculpSure Permanent Fat Loss, people can easily get that toned body look they desire but just can’t seem to accomplish on their own. Women and men alike sometimes have a trouble spot where fat just seems to gravitate. This can encumber movement in the particular area especially when exercising. This fat loss technique targets each individual area for maximum results.

The ability to reduce that stubborn fat has never been safer. With SculpSure, there are no medications or anesthetics needed. There is absolutely no surgery involved whats-so-ever. This procedure is painless, using an applicator that provides a window around each targeted area separately. The laser beams destroy the fat which then enables your body to eliminate it over time. The results will be noticeable within six weeks and after 12 weeks.

Patients with a body mass index of 30 or less are ideal candidates for this type of fat reduction procedure. This technique is gaining popularity all over the United States. Whether it is used to get rid of belly fat or define abs, patients are seeing amazing results with this simple process.

Plastic surgery can be quite costly and intimidating to the average person. With SculpSure, there is no need to “go under the knife” to get results. This non-invasive device melts the fat away with a warm and cooling sensation. The procedure is comfortable and non-irritating. This non-intrusive method is rapidly becoming one of the most effective fat fighters around.

Body fat has a way of sneaking up in certain areas. Whether excess body fat is from bearing children or simply getting older, SculpSure can target the desired area and give great results. Within a few weeks time, it will make a noticeable difference. It is ideal for adults of all ages because there is no surgery involved. SculpSure had been approved by the FDA and the low-energy that it uses makes it very safe. All questions or concerns regarding this treatment can be covered during treatment planning. Patients over the past few years have been excited and amazed with their personal results. The solution needed to finally get rid of those few extra pounds of fat has been found in SculpSure! It’s an affordable, safe technique recommended by plastic surgeons throughout the United States so schedule an appointment with Dr. Trang D. Nguyen at Conroe Family Doctor in Conroe, TX today.

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