How To Respond To Stress And Build Happiness

Stress is part of most people’s everyday reality in our fast-paced digital age, where more and more is expected of us from employers, friends, and family. Without taking steps to disconnect and detox from our environment we often find ourselves being overwhelmed by obligations and the stress of having to perform or meet others expectations. This makes it vital to learn how to identify the stress response and take steps to relieve so it doesn’t begin to impact our physical and mental health.

The Mechanics Of The Natural Stress Response

It doesn’t take much to trigger your bodies stress response, though some individual responds stronger to different stimuli than others. Whether you’re riding on the bus and witness an argument between two riders or sitting in morning traffic annoyed at having been cut off during your commute, you’re going to find sources of stress everywhere you go. When you encounter a source of stress a set of glands found on the top of your kidneys known as the adrenal gland start pumping adrenaline into your system. Cortisol enters the scene next, dumping sugar into the bloodstream for quick energy, boosts your brain’s ability to use it, and makes sure that other elements of your body are ready to repair the damage. All in all, stress pushes us into fight or flight mode, and that stresses the whole body.

When Our Stress Response Gets Out Of Control

Some people can never quite let go of the stress their experiencing, a condition that can lead to digestive problems, anxiety, weight gain, heart disease, problems sleeping, and even impairment of our cognitive abilities. Living in this state increases wear and tear on every part of the body, damaging our heart and other organs by keeping it in a constant state of fight or flight. Learning to control these experiences is vital to our happiness.

First Steps To Getting Stress Under Control

If we’re going to conquer stress in our lives we need to take steps to manage it effectively. This can include turning off your electronic devices so you can disconnect from the world, taking steps to avoid overbooking yourself, giving plenty of time for your commute in the morning, and other management techniques. Beyond controlling our outside sources of stress, we also need to learn to cope with that stress we can’t alleviate at its source. Social time with friends, meditation, exercise, and taking time to relax with activities we enjoy are all central to achieving this important goal for extending our lives by reducing stress.

If you’re looking for ways to help manage your stress and how to start recovering from the damage it may have already done to your body, call Dr. Trang D Nguyen at Conroe Family Doctor. Located in Conroe TX his office works with patients to achieve balanced whole-life health that includes nutrition, exercise, regular medical care, and managing the sources of stress in our lives effectively. Don’t let stress poison your life, contact Dr. Trang D Nguyen at Conroe Family Doctor today.

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